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Welcome to the Smart Contract Security Field Guide, a passion project I hold dear to my heart. My primary goal in creating this guide has been to share my knowledge, insights, and best practices for writing more secure smart contracts. As an advocate for democratizing knowledge, I pledge that this guide is, and will forever remain, free of charge.

Like all works, I fully acknowledge that this resource bears some bias from my experiences and perspectives. Despite this, I have taken great care to ensure the guidelines, tips, and strategies included herein are as objective and helpful as possible to foster security best practices in developing smart contracts. There will also be a section for hackers where I will talk about concrete vulnerabilities and hopefully give more insights into offensive security topics that my fellow auditors and bug bounty hunters will appreciate.

This guide is independent and not influenced by any corporate interest. It's designed solely to share, inform, and enlighten without hidden agendas. It will never try to sell you anything or ask you for your email address or other personal information to gain access to more content. I firmly believe in the principles of privacy and free access to knowledge, and everything contained in this resource is readily available for you to explore at your own pace.

My greatest hope for this resource is that it is valuable for you, dear reader. I sincerely hope you find the content insightful and practical. Whether you're a novice exploring the intricacies of smart contracts or an experienced developer seeking to bolster your knowledge, my aim is that you will leave this website with a deeper understanding than before.

I'm purposefully not using any trackers on this site because I respect your privacy. Consequently, this feedback form is my only means of hearing from you and getting more information on content that may need to be corrected or added. Or if you particularly liked something. The form can be submitted anonymously, and I read every single submission. It's much appreciated!

Enjoy your journey through the Smart Contract Security Field Guide and happy learning!

-- Dominik