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About Me

Hi there! My name is Dominik Muhs. I have been auditing smart contracts since 2020. I have worked at Consensys Diligence, and since 2024 I am working on Creed to build a more equitable smart contract security ecosystem. Previous projects that I have worked on are for instance Mythril, MythX and the official Smart Contract Security Best Practices.

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With over 40 smart contract audits and various penetration tests under my belt, I have read probably milions of lines of code, and found countless vulnerabilities. Among my favourite audits that I can talk about publicly are Rocket Pool, EigenLayer, probably Rocket Pool again, Arbitrum, and Arbitrum again. Over these years, I have learned a lot about building as well as breaking smart contracts and this guide is my attempt at formalizing my knowledge into a coherent set of articles.


A detailed list of my smart contract code review and penetration testing track record can be found at Kauz Security Services, which is my own little project. This is also where you can hire me!

You can of course also find me on Github, BlueSky and my personal blog.